You may have invested in commercial systems for specialized purposes, each of these systems is well-suited for use in the enterprise.  But what if we want the offline systems to share share information with the website? Careytech feels the best solution is to integrate them with your CMS.  This approach allows you to leverage your investment in these other systems and to let each of them do what they do well (CRM, ERP, LMS, or any other expert system or database).  And it allows the CMS to do what it does well - mange your online presence.  Now, the information from your internal or remote systems is available online.

And don't forget that an integration can send website data back to your other systems or databases.  If your website is handling customer interactions through ecommerce, registrations, or customer inquiries, the CMS can make these available to your other systems.



Pull from your product inventory

You run a warehouse of equipment and parts, and you track these within your own system. The website can provide a list of your items and availability by pulling relevant data from your database or inventory system.

Marketing and the CRM

Marketing wants to create online campaigns while tracking their effectiveness and recording online interactions within a CRM. Solution: integrate the CMS and CRM.

Push out from your ecommerce system

Your website contains an ecommerce system. Orders, customer lists, inventory counts, and other related data can be pushed out to your database or in-house system.

Push out to your email campaign services

Collect email subscribers and enroll them in one of your newsletter lists. In addition, you can auto-compile content from your site to generate your next newsletter or promotional campaign – ported into your email service.

Association Membership Systems

While the website can serve as a membership system, many associations have invested in expert systems to manage members, subscriptions, etc. The website can pull in this information from your AMS to grant users access to online services based upon their membership level and status. Or perhaps the website needs to provide the logged-in user with his/her profile and account information.

What value can your business gain through an integration?

These are just some examples. If you have a need for your website to know about information from other systems, or to share online information to other systems, consider an integration. Careytech can make this happen.