Careytech Studios produces a modern and professional web presence for each of its clients.  More than just a “web design” or “web development” service, the Studio identifies the client’s business objectives, drives the entire production, and delivers a state-of-the-art website and related web solutions.  Businesses become clients because they want to hand off their web project to an expert who will develop and deliver an effective turnkey solution.


Led by a software engineer and web architect, Careytech specializes in tailoring and delivering what you want and need.  We don’t expect you to live with off-the-shelf solutions if you need more.

our approach

We follow the agile development strategy:  The web project is developed incrementally.  Every few days we will deliver the latest version for you to view and “handle.”  Each time we collect your feedback so that we can make the needed changes and continue to develop the next version.

You get to see the results as the project develops.  The project evolves from your feedback.  We develop so that even during the project we can make adjustments in features and schedule.  This is what any client wants and the better way to build systems, because sometimes you don’t realize needs until you see the project taking shape.

your budget

Careytech typically works on projects ranging from five to twenty-five thousand dollars.  What is the difference within that price range?  Some projects just need existing content migrated to a new system with a new look-and-feel.  Other projects require research, complex needs, custom applications, content development, and the engagement of various professionals. As it is for purchasing a car or house, your budget determines how much you get.

In short, tell us your estimated budget and we’ll scale our proposal to deliver what you can afford.

the Careytech Team

Projects are led by Randy Carey, software engineer and web architect.  Careytech retains a virtual team of professionals, each with his/her area of expertise.  As a project needs, Randy engages these other professonals in areas such as graphic arts, SEO, and content creation.

Randy Carey of Careytech Studios

Randy Carey

software engineer

Randy holds an MS in software engineering and has worked in software development for over a decade.  He has built custom applications for companies like Pillsbury, ThermoKing, and Byerly’s.  Later he worked in research and development at Lawson Software. Since Careytech was founded in 2009, he has been coding custom applications for the web.

web development

He hand-coded his first website in 1996 and has been following the web industry ever since. Presently he leads R&D on website management, developing custom components in real client projects.  Several of his articles have been published and he regularly presents his work at developer conferences (San Jose, Chicago, New York, Boston, Mexico, The Netherlands, and Germany).

information strategies

Randy has also served as a director for a Minnesota-based nonprofit and for a national association.  Through these roles he realized the challenges of businesses maintaining their messaging through its website.  Armed with this insight, he launched Careytech Studios, merging his perspective of web development with the realities and challenges facing any organization in managing its website and web content.


Randy also holds an MA in theology.  He has traveled to places such as the Smithsonian and the Amazon to write feature stories for a U.S. magazine.  In 2009 he was commissioned to write a book on aquarium fish that was published and distributed internationally.