We often see clients struggle with content - from creating it to assigning roles and accountabity for keeping it fresh and current.  If you need a plan for your content, we'll help you to develop a realistic and managable plan.

But we don't stop there.  We configure the CMS to support your content strategy. Your workflows for maintaining your site and its content should be simple, intuitive, and streamlined. You should be managing your message and business, not burdened by CMS issues.

Common benefits

  • Personalized user experience for those managing the site and its content
  • Non technical people can manage content
  • Obvious starting points and next-steps for each common task
  • Intuitive: less training for staff
  • Streamlined: faster to complete, less to remember
  • Customized: to the needs of staff, your message, and your business
  • Focus on message and business, less on learning a new tool

Tailored workflows that are simple, intuitive, and streamlined

If you’ve struggled with poor usability of your CMS (content management system), it probably was delivered to you with no developed strategy for how you would use it.  Ironically, most web firms focus on site visitors but ignore the user experience of staff and content creators.

Careytech develops the user experience for those who manage the site and its content.  For any given web project, we identify the common tasks to be performed by staff. We establish “roles” that can be assigned to any staff member.  For each role we develop its workflows to be simple, intuitive, and streamlined. 

We are convinced that having a workflow strategy and tailoring workflows accordingly will always produce a better user experience for managing a website.  And that leads to better content with more frequent updates.  In fact, we do not believe any so-called “easy to use” CMS can compete with this approach.  It’s not really the CMS – it’s the workflow strategy that makes the difference.


An intuitive starting point.  Our ‘client’ template and tools are being used by the Minnesota Timberwolves for managing their event site.  The staff member who logs in sees an uncluttered screen with obvious starting points for the tasks they need to perform.

workflows-ex twolves


We try to keep the number of steps short, with each step obvious, and with unneeded details hidden.  Here is the simple workflow for a non-technical shop owner who wants to maintain his published inventory of puppies.

workflows-ex puppy.600


Often a web application contains many fields that a staff member should ignore.  We tailor the edit screen to just the fields that the staff needs.  And if different roles require access to different fields, we’ll tailor that in, as well.

workflows-ex reduced-edit-form