We know Joomla!  Joomla is a powerful full-featured CMS (Content Management System).  

If you do not know what Joomla is, no problem.  Just know that this is the system that allows you to manage the content within your website with ease.  It is also the engine that displays your site, and enables it to be viewed on mobile devices as well as on desktops.  Among the most commonly used CMSes, Joomla contrasts the do-it-yourself tools.  It is a professional's CMS: full-featured, more flexible, easily extended with custom features, and configurable to allow us to tailor a workflow strategy for website management. 

Randy Carey is an active member within the Joomla community - writing for its magazine, speaking at events, and developing extensions (or web apps).  In fact, he led an international migration team and was the content strategist for the Joomla Community Magazine.

Value:  custom web applications.  Much of Careytech's work is developing custom solutions for the special needs of clients. Joomla is architected to allow a software engineer to build almost anything a client wants and integrate it into the CMS.  And that is what Careytech does.

Value:  customized usability of content management.  Joomla allows us to develop a workflow strategy and to craft streamlined workflows for those managing the website.  Most CMSs provide one fixed way to manage a site, but Careytech leverages Joomla's flexibility to customize workflows at a level that is not even considered in other systems.

Value:  access control.   Joomla's ACL allows us to configure access control according to the RBAC standards that have been practiced since the 90s.  It allows us to secure resources and functionality based upon "roles," while the client's non-technical user manager can intuitively assign and reassign these roles to users as staff and responsibilties change.

Value:  multiple languages:  Internationalization is a feature baked in to Joomla.

Value:  proven and reuable web applications.  Thousands of extensions have been deployed on this open source platform and are available for reuse.