client: <unnamed> Yellow Pages franchise

summary:  This client was another victim of cheap third-world labor (we see this fairly often).  After spending tens of thousands and a year+ on development, the client asked Careytech to take over the project.  We began by assessing what had been developed so far and then proposed (a) a path forward and (b) a new online model that works for the Yellow Pages franchises that are successful when moving to the web (we did our research). We told it like it was - the site and its mobile app had significant architectural problems, would be a burden to maintain, and needed to be rebuilt.  (We could do that in a fraction of time and dollars.)  Some clients don't want to give up on bad investments, and sadly this client chose to stay the course, so we wished them well and parted ways. 

We will tell our clients what they need to hear while proposing solutions.  We'd rather let go a paying client than pursue with them a path that we feel leads to waste and failure.